Now I’m back in my home town again. Everything is the same.
I’m about to go to one of my better friends who also is the town’s biggest dealer, since I left .. 😉 I’m wanted ”warrant for my arrest”. Am going to sit my little coffee time six months. As soon police see me of when I arrive at nearest jail then they drive you to right prison. So i’m on my guard maybe last post for  six month or not.. Keep it up! Almost forgot, talking care of a wiild ambull for a Friend who’ve to put her oldest to sleep. And this amost 2 years of energy unsocialized, jumped on ppl first. we shared bed later on site best buddys now.. LOVE DOGS, .. GAMEDOGS… PITBULL.. Take a look at https://GAMEDOG.nu http://gamedog.se // HKO A Part Or HKO GROUP

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